I woke up this Christmas morning 16 days away from my 27th birthday, thousands of miles away from my family and longtime friends, completely alone but feeling for the first time in a long time completely happy and overwhelmingly blessed. No I wasn’t greeted when I got out of bed by the smell of breakfast cooking or by Christmas music playing, or even by a tree surrounded by presents; but to me something even better. I was hit with the reality that for the first time on Christmas in almost 27 years I am exactly where I have wanted to be for atleast 15 years, New York City! And while I’m not filthy rich or surrounded by friends and family, I have a roof over my head that I can afford, food in my refrigerator and although not tons, but money in my pocket which is alot more unfortunately than many people here can say. This had me mind blown
because I realized that although this Christmas I didn’t get any physical gifts, I was blessed with one of the best gifts I could ever receive. The realization that this was the beginning of my true happiness, this is where I have been put to begin catching those dreams I have been chasing for so long, this is my journey.





About IamPhillyPhil

I'm a true Florida Boy born and raised. I spent my elementary, middle and highschool years in the same southwest Florida town I was born in. So I decided that before 2012 was over I would move to New York City to see what else was out there and to chase my dreams. That's exactly what I did! I landed and great job with a Non-Profit youth development organization and made the move to the Big Apple. My days here so far have been full of many different adventures and I'm loving every minute of it! This blog is not only to document those adventures, but to hopefully share them as well.
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