Woke up this morning feeling so grateful for this past week. Sometimes our human tendencies cause us to get caught up in the moment when things don’t work out how we want them to, or our plans change and things are out of our control. My plan this week was to take advantage of being out of the city and not do anything work related. I planned on going to the gym everyday, wandering around downtown, catching up with some people I haven’t spoken to in a while, and sitting in a Starbucks somewhere drinking a latte. Real Laguna Beach type stuff. My reality though was sleeping ALOT, (normal nights I sleep about 5 hours max) watching tons of movies, meditating, a lot of much needed quiet time by myself, quality time with people who make me smile, a tiny bit of work related stuff, some light reading, a runny nose, nasty weather and a good amount of writing. 

It turns out that was exactly what I needed. Sometime life knows what we need more than we do, and you just kinda have to learn to just go with it. Sometimes you end up around people who teach you things about yourself by just watching and listening to them. Then sometimes you have those aha moments where you realize the things and changes you need to make in your life to allow for growth. For that I am grateful. 

This morning the weather was much better, my runny nose had cleared up and I felt full of energy and ready for the world. For the first time this week I understood why I am exactly where I need to be right now. Sometimes when the noise of life gets so loud in our heads we forget to sit still, shut up, focus and just pay attention to the lesson it is trying to teach us so we can experience that full growth.
Thanks life, I’m listening again.

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