A new me.

I’m a true Florida Boy born and raised. I spent my elementary, middle and highschool years in the same Southwest Florida town that I was born in. I felt like I knew everybody and that everybody knew me. I then thought it was a good idea to work in the same public school system that I had been a part of my whole life. Well, that ended up being a great idea! I worked my ass off and in 2010 out of all the school employees in our county I was named as Charlotte County Public Schools Support Employeee of the year. I loved my job, my co-workers and all of the children and families I had the chance to work with, but I felt like the world had a whole lot more waiting for me. After doing a lot of thinking I decided that by the end of 2012 I would move to New York to see what else was out there and to chase my dreams. That’s exactly what I did! I landed and great job with an amazing Non-Profit Youth Development Organization and made the move to the Big Apple. My days here so far have been full of many different adventures and I’m loving every minute of it! At 27 now I feel like a new man and each day is full of new oppurtunities. This blog is not only to document my adventures and new life experiences, but to hopefully share them as well.



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