Are you living for you?

people_living_life_to_the_fullest_640_97-640x393 (1).jpgWhen is the last time you sat and actually reflected on your life? When is the last time that you have given thought to whether or not you or actually doing those things that you’ve always wanted to do? Are you living the life that you’ve always dreamed about or are you living the life that someone else has imagined for you. At some point you have to start living for YOU. You have to start doing things simply because they make you happy, not just because they make someone else happy. You have to set personal goals because you want to accomplish them, not to impress other people. You have to start saying no to things that go against what you believe in or that you are just not interested in, without feeling that you owe anyone an explanation. At the end of your life will you be able to say I lived my life in a way that made me happy or will you have lived someone else’s life?

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